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Jul 7, 2018

Dean Village, Edinburgh Sprintelope XIII.  

Wednesday evening, 11 July

Jun 3, 2018

INTerlopers short, urban orienteering event.  Wednesday 6th June 2018 

Apr 23, 2018

From 112 Relugas Road, 25th April 2018, informal urban event.

Results available

Oct 16, 2017

Interlopers welcome you to SOUL 10 at Livingston, Knightsridge and Deans

Jan 25, 2017
Ben Ross is Interløpers Club Champion 2016!
Nov 6, 2016

And the winner of INT Hallowe'en party head to head Maze O was.....

Paul Caban

in an astounding time of 1:53, especially after having punched 7 controls in the wrong order (but then re-doing them in the correct order). Joseph Bartlett also had a commendable performance with the fastest overall time of 1:51 but sadly missed one straight line control...  British Squad team-mates Alex Carcas and Matt Fellbaum went head to head with Alex getting the next fastest time of 1:58, and well, we won't publish Matt's time but you can see the video on our facebook page...

Apr 6, 2015

The team of Alex Carcas, Murray Strain and Hector Haines brought INT home to victory for a record-breaking fifth time in the JK Relay Championship.

In a race featuring the top UK clubs and several National teams from Europe, 17 year-old Alex brought the team back 11th, less than 2 mins down on the Swiss National Team, and together with our main rivals ShUOC and Forth Valley.  On the short leg, Murray passed several weaker teams, and crucially took 30 secs  on ShUOC and 90 on FVO.  A nervous wait in assembly, the Swiss and Czech national teams come through, then Hector a few seconds ahead of Jonny Crickmore of ShUOC, with FVO's Graham Gristwood hot on their tails.  More nervousness in the arena.  Then Hector appears on the run in, hanging on for a 6 sec win.

Mar 16, 2015

The Scottish heat of the UK national club competition was held at Balnagowan on Deeside (15 March).  Once upon a time, some 20 years ago, Interløpers won the "small clubs" trophy, and with the final in the Lake District we have the possibility of another decent showing in October.  First, though, the qualifier.  The very restrictive scoring system means you have to have people across a range of ages, and if like INT you don't field any over-60s you have to count every course.   The club stars did the business with wins for Murray Strain and Freddie Carcas, and second spots for Cap'n Rob Lee, Alex Carcas and Jane Ackland.  But the key to the cup is runners across age groups, and so the heroes of the day were Fiona Eades and Matthew Ross, stepping up to the orange course to complete the team.

On home territory, and with four times as many people, MAROC proved invincible, but we qualified as runners-up, and if we can take a strong team to the final we can challenge them.  There are some teams from Englandshire too, but that's never been a problem in the past!

Save the date :   Sunday 18 October 2015 - Helsington Barrows, Kendal.

Jan 24, 2015

Interløpers welcomes you to the first Scottish Orienteering League race of 2015. It takes place at Gullane Bents on Sunday 8 March. A great mix of Dunes terrain and Woodland with excellent views over the Firth of Forth.

Dec 23, 2014

Interløpers Club Championships took place at the ELO SoSOL at Saltoun (30 November). The forest near Pencaitland, which had been remapped for the event, provided an ideal venue.

There was a great turn-out from Interløpers, and the Championships were hotly contested. Matthew Ross and Pippa Carcas put in a strong showing, as did the ‘old guard’ with Ken and Paul separated by pico-seconds.

In the end, after applying a complex algorithm (which took individuals' race times, multiplied them by the longitude of the waning gibbous moon faintly visibly in the sky on the day, divided by the waist measurement of the competitor (in inches)), our Captain won!

Congratulations, Rob Lee. Another sweet victory.

The trophy was duly presented at Paul’s 50th Birthday party (great event!). Even better, Rob gets to organise the 2015 event. Well done to Rob and all the other competitors.

Remember, it is the taking part that counts!