Results for Sprintelope 2 held on 25 April may be found here.


Local Events in 2018

A full programme of Club-organised Local Events has been devised by Ken Daly and Pat Squire.

Results for the event at Colinton Dell on Saturday 5 May are available here.

There were a couple of items of lost property left at the event; please contact grm3xy@gmail.com if these may be yours.

A link to the list of events for the remainder of the first half of the year can be found on our Events page.


BOF Incentive Scheme

Since 2012, BOF have run an Incentive Scheme, designed to encourage members to achieve certain standards in Colour Coded events.  These standards are in two categories, Navigation and Racing Challenges, and achievements are recognised by means of a star-rating system, ranging from 1 to 5.  (Details are at https://www.britishorienteering.org.uk/incentives.)

Since late last year, notifications of success in these Challenges have been sent out by e-mail, both to the recipients and to the Club Secretary.  I thought it would be good to publish details of those members recognised in this way.  The latest award, announced on 29 April, is as follows:

  • Colin Inverarity:   Racing Challenge Bronze Award 4*, Navigation Challenge 4*

Other awards previously announced in 2018 have been the following:

on 9 April:

  • Samuel Bartlett:   Racing Challenge Bronze Award 4*, Navigation Challenge 4*

on 26 March:

  • David Ivory:   Racing Challenge Gold Award 4*

and on 12 March:

  • Fiona Eades:   Racing Challenge Gold Award 3*
  • Pippa Carcas:   Racing Challenge Gold Award 5*
  • Leah Bartlett:   Racing Challenge Silver Award 5*
  • Lucy Ward:   Racing Challenge Silver Award 2* 


European Competitions in 2018

From time to time, I receive invitations to participate in various events in Europe.  Rather than re-circulate these invites to the entire Club via e-mail, I thought it best to advertise them here on the website.  So here goes:

Click on the location links for more information.